Sofa cleaning Christchurch

Fabric Upholstery cleaning to bring back softness and warmth.

Leather Upholstery cleaning to preserve comfort and style.

Regardless of your choice of upholstery for home or office, Carpet Care Solutions has the skills to identify the correct cleaning solution for durable results. Remove stains, grime and dust from your precious sofa, couches and chairs.

Fabric and leather upholstery cleaning

There’s nothing better than sinking into a luxurious leather or fabric sofa that feels and smells clean – it exudes comfort and style. Furniture makes an important first impression too – the settee is also one of the first things people see when they enter your home or business because they’re looking for a place to sit.

Christchurch upholstery cleaning

Schooled by leather masters

Carpet Care Solutions staff are trained by leading leather masters to identify all varieties of leather to ensure appropriate cleaning

Providers of industry training

Carpet Solutions are expert training providers in the treatment, maintenance and cleaning of different leathers

Ready to take on difficult challenges

Carpet Care Solutions is ready to take on the difficult and complicated jobs some other providers won’t touch

Clean, protect and enhance your fabric lounge suite

Carpet Care Solutions will identify the fabric of your chair or lounge suite, including the yarn, the weave and knit, the frame construction and physical chemical properties so as to provide a service that cleans, protects, preserves and enhances your investment to the highest standards.

Carpet Care Solutions upholstery cleaning

Highly skilled, highly trained

Carpet Care Solutions leather and fabric upholstery technicians are highly trained.

Fast drying

Carpet Care Solutions uses special list drying equipment to have your sofa, chair or lounge suite back in service fast.

A finish you’ll love

Carpet Care Solutions Promise to take all the time, care and attention necessary to give you long lasting results

The upholstery experts

How good are our technicians? We train other upholstery cleaners, in NZ and overseas.
Qualified under international IICRC certification – and we work above the IICRC standards.
The knowledge, the equipment, the expertise – it’s all yours. Just phone us.