Tile & Grout Cleaning Christchurch

Eventually, tile floors and surfaces lose their polish and shine. The newer ceramic and porcelain tiled flooring tend to create more problems for tile cleaners nowadays and as tiled surfaces are engineered with more texture, the scrubbing and mopping is less useful and effective than ever before and do not usually yield the results needed for a deep clean. Industrial professionals like Carpet Care Solutions can help you restore tile and grout back to the normal condition. We will take care of all the tile and grout cleaning and help you in achieving brilliant results. We are certified and highly trained and will visit your home with all the necessary tools and state of art technologies to deliver you with the best service. We begin by inspecting your floor to determine the best treatment process in order to give a pristine look to your flooring that it deserves.

Tiles In Your Home Showing Their Age?

Seemingly smooth tile surfaces not only become scratched and dulled from daily use they can also be porous which in turn create micro hiding places for dirt, oils, and bacteria. If tile cleaning is not carried out correctly the conditions worsen over time especially if there is no seal or the seal has worn away.This will create an unsightly looking surface that most definitely cannot be cleaned by mop and bucket. Just replacing the seal without professional tile and grout cleaning will also trap the dirt underneath the seal forming a worn dirty look and an inadequate bond. The lifespan of not only your seal but your tiles will be shortened significantly. We therefore consider tile cleaning the way we do it to be as vital as professional carpet cleaning.

Unsightly Grout

Even more noticeable and problematic than the tiles themselves can be the grout in between your tiles. Grout is generally a lot more vulnerable to corrosion and has even more texture capable of trapping dirt residue left over by simple mopping. The problem is caused by lack of tile and grout cleaning. The lime based grout easily absorbs moisture, oils and sugars that in turn attracts bacteria, dirt and other solids and changes the overall appearance by darkening the grout. Chemicals can dilute the grime well enough, but without effective tile and grout cleaning and removal, the formed slurry only soaks deeper into the grout. Rotary scrubbers fail to reach into the grout lines or the texture of the tiles.

Tile cleaners are often associated with food halls, restaurants, rest rooms and leisure areas. Home areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and more increasingly hallways, dining and living areas are generally tiled and grouted.

Overall, dirty tile and grout is not aesthetically pleasing, and more importantly, it is unhygienic not to get tile and grout cleaning. Over time, the usual mop and bucket of the day further illuminates the problem by adding more moisture and alkaline to the grout. Historically instead of professional tile and grout cleaning, this has been tackled by either labour intensively scrubbing with nail brushes and detergents – or accepting the fact that after a number of years, lifting and relaying of the tile and grout will be required. This can obviously be tedious, time consuming and sometimes expensive. Try our tile & grout cleaning service and we’ll show you the difference.

Our Professional Tile Cleaning Procedure

Carpet Care Solutions understand and respect the fact that your tiles are probably one of the most expensive investments you have made in your property and that’s why any tile cleaners must do the tile cleaning job carefully and accurately. One of our biggest secrets is to take advantage of and utilise the most effective steam and pressure cleaning equipment and tools available. This goes hand in hand with premium top quality tile cleaning compounds and detergents used.

A pre-inspection of all tile and grouted areas is necessary to check for damage and or corrosion

We then sweep the tiled areas if required before the tile and grout cleaning commences

Application of suitable detergents involved

Agitation with rotary scrubbers will loosen soil on tiles

Any stain treatment if required

Extremely high pressure tile and grout cleaning process used with extraction

Mop the tile and grout cleaning surface to leave dry and free moisture and lines

What’s Actually Happening In Tile and Grout Cleaning

During Tile Cleaning the combination of hot water, high pressure, emulsifier and vacuum creates a highly advanced cleaning process. First, the dirt, bacteria and grime is released from its anchoring position by applying an emulsifier. The pressurized water seeks out unwanted grime, bacteria and chemical residues hidden in microscopic pockets within the tile and grout. Finally, the high powered suction removes the dirty water and leaves all your tiles and grout nothing short of clean, renewed and fully restored. This gives you the feel that you have just made a tile purchase and not a tile and grout cleaning procedure done.

Our Tile Cleaning Assurance

We are extremely health and safety conscious and for this reason, we will under no circumstances use any toxins in detergents while doing this tile and cleaning job on site for you. Carpet Care Solutions take complete pride in every tile cleaning job we perform and will not leave your premises until you are completely satisfied with all the work that’s been carried out

The Tiles And Grout Experts

How good are our technicians? We train other tiles and grout removers, in NZ and overseas.
Qualified under international IICRC certification – and we work above the IICRC standards.
The knowledge, the equipment, the expertise – it’s all yours. Just phone us.