Eco-friendly, child, family pet-safe cleaning products

Green Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Here at Carpet Care Solutions we care about the environment, your family and pets. We deliberately ensured that our cleaning solutions have no harmful side effects. All Products used are 100% certified so that you can enjoy your home even more. Find out more about our carpet cleaning services.

Enzyme-based cleaners, stain and odour removers break down the chemical bonds of stains such as oil, grease, blood, food and other tough stains and soils.


Carpet Care Solutions enzyme-based eco-friendly cleaning products meet the EPA's safer choice standard.


All of Carpet Care Solutions products, whether eco-friendly or standard, are safe and effective for families and pets.


Carpet Care Solutions cleaning products are 100% bio-degradable, non-toxic and safe for animals, children and most types of carpet and upholstery.

Pet Friendly

Enzyme cleaners consume dog and cat urine stains and odours. Carpet Care Solutions environmentally friendly cleaning products use natural enzymes – which are non-toxic and biodegradable – that release bacteria to feed on the ammonia residues, literally gobbling up dog or cat urea.


Unlike most cleaning products, Carpet Care Solutions are non-toxic. Our enzymes release bacteria to consume dirt, producing exceptional results. Once finished, your breathing air is left clean and healthy.

EPA 100% Approved

Christchurch based Carpet Care Solutions, and upholstery cleaners use enzyme-based cleaning products that are natural and classified by the USA’s Enviromental Protection Agency (EPA) as having no adverse effect on the environment.

Services We Offer


We know how important it is for our customers to get the best deal possible.

That is why Carpet Care Solutions is currently offering a multitude of online discounts to suit your budgetary needs.