Carpet Protection

Carpet protection for all Christchurch customers

Carpet Care Solutions chooses to use special non-toxic carpet protection that is independently tested. In both residential and commercial premises in Christchurch, we have found that Microseal delivers superior carpet protection blending high grade, raw ingredients with a proven manufacturing process.

Carpet Care Solutions only uses carpet protection products that are proven to be effective.

Three advantages of protecting your carpet with Microseal

It is expensive and unnecessary to replace your carpet. You can increase the lifespan of your carpet by looking after it in the right way. Microseal is a protective formula that is fade-resistant and guards against permanent staining. Three reasons to protect your carpet with Microseal include:

  • Environmentally safe formula - no fluorochemicals and zero VOC’s making it safe for your family and pets

  • Permanent – Microseal is designed to last the distance and can survive multiple cleanings

  • Increased longevity for natural and synthetic carpets – your carpet will remain cleaner for longer and be easier and cheaper to clean in future

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We know how important it is for our customers to get the best deal possible.

That is why Carpet Care Solutions is currently offering a multitude of online discounts to suit your budgetary needs.

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