Carpet Cleaning Christchurch

Carpet Care Solutions clean dirty and stained carpets in Christchurch, and the surrounding areas. If you value a clean home, lively colours and a healthy, fresh-smelling residential or commercial environment, you’ll love Carpet Care Solutions' quick drying, long lasting carpet cleaning services – eco-friendly and guaranteed.

Dull Looking Carpets

High traffic areas often leave your carpets looking dull and depressed. Our 7 Step Clean ensures your wool or quality carpets look pristine, leaving your home or office feeling new.

Stubborn Stain Removal

We specialise in removing stains from your carpet, and upholstery including blood stains, rust, coffee, red wine, fizzy drinks, food, grease, oil, gum, wax, sand and dye spots and blemishes.

Eliminate Smelly Odours

We find the source of the offensive smells and get right down to the subfloor if necessary to oxidise the offensive odour, leavinge your house smelling fresh. Find out more about our odour control.

Pet Urine Extractions

Cat and Dog pee smells horrible and is difficult to remove properly. We use advanced chemistry to eliminate urine that has bound itself within the individual fibres.

Dust Mites and Allergens

Do you suffer from hay fever or asthma and need to be free of allergens? Our 7 Step Cleaning Process removes harmful dust mites and bacteria that trigger allergies.

Eco Friendly

We care about the environment, pets and children. Carpet Care Solutions enzyme-based eco-friendly cleaning products meet the EPA's safer choice standard. Read More

Get the Best Carpet Cleaning Results

Your carpet, hard flooring and furniture are some of the most expensive investments you will make. Whether you are a house-proud Cantarian or getting ready to sell your residential property, you need your carpets cleaned to a high standard. Looking for the best? Then you'll love Carpet Care Solutions 7 Step Cleaning Process which cleans well above industry benchmark standards.

Careful Precision Cleaning That Goes the Extra Mile

Corner Guards

We care about our customer’s homes or business, unlike most other companies we put in place extra care measures to protect walls, trims and paints while we are cleaning.

Furniture Protections

Ensure your floors remain scratch and dent-free. Protect your precious home floors from your furniture legs. You can count on us for quality advice and service.

Get Your Carpets Cleaned

Your home or office deserves the best – Carpet Care Solutions qualified industry technicians are so good that they
train other carpet cleaners locally and internationally. Our eco-friendly cleaning chemicals, equipment and
techniques will get the job done right. Ask us for a free quote.

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We know how important it is for our customers to get the best deal possible.

That is why Carpet Care Solutions is currently offering a multitude of online discounts to suit your budgetary needs.

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