Our Services

Why Choose us?

7-step cleaning method, above industry standards

We clean first for health... then for appearance

Cleaner carpets and upholstery that dry in half the time

Pure, sustainable materials and methods: planet-friendly, human-friendly, pet-friendly

The objective: remove dirt and as much stain as possible without damaging the carpet or textile – with advanced stain treatment expertise

100% satisfaction guaranteed. We leave no job unfinished!

More than 15 years of experience in excellent carpet and upholstery care,home and commercial

NZ Standard AS/NZS 3733: mandated chemicals, heat, agitation and time

IICRC internationally-certified

100% kiwi owned and operated

We think outside the square

We are reliable; we never let our clients down

We consider it our obligation to take as much care of your home and property as we would our own

All backed by comprehensive liability insurance for your peace of mind

Expert Cleaning

There are plenty of carpet cleaning companies around. And most do an OK job. Just OK.

But think about it. Your children and pets (adults too) often play on that carpet. You don’t want it to be less than thoroughly, scrupulously clean.

Fact. There are big differences in cleaning. It’s all about getting deep down into the carpet pile. With the best chemicals (eco-pure!). And taking time to do it right.

For health, for appearance, for odour, for long life, for sustainability, for good! Cleaned properly, carpets don’t need constant attention.

At Home or office

Carpet Care Solutions provides a total-care service … a comprehensive end-to-end carpet care programme backed by free advice from highly-qualified experts. All supported by comprehensive written reporting, with a costing you can understand and trust.

Our people are long-experienced professionals, qualified under international IICRC certification. We work to NZ Standard AS/NZS 3733 – not many cleaning companies do.

Our owner Patrick Greig is a recognised international trainer operating as far afield as China. Our company is a prominent member of the Carpet Cleaners Assn of NZ. We use clean, healthy Safety Work Kits – check them on the web.

We do it all

We handle all carpets: wool, nylon, solution-dyed nylon, Smart Strand (Polyester), polypropylene, sisal, Flotex. Plus we clean and maintain all forms of floorings, upholstery, mattresses – we even do driveways!

Sometimes people ask us to do a quick once-over, just to freshen the carpet a bit. We won’t. A carpet not properly cleaned is … well, unclean. Do you really want that in your home?

Sometimes there’s been a nasty spill and a one-off stain removal is called for. We take care of it. The technicals are a big area, we’ll make sure you understand fully.

What about the cost?

We’re not the cheapest, but we are always cost-efficient … you get what you pay for. We will never cut costs by using inferior or unsafe materials, by skipping steps, etc.

Safety is paramount. In carpet, it’s essential all chemicals and other products being used are human-friendly and eco sustainable. Too often cheaper or more convenient short-cuts are used. Don’t allow it!

We use only recognised, world-leading pre-sprays, rinses, chemicals, stain removers and machinery, leaving the carpet in a neutral state for safe, healthy wear.

How often?

You don’t want to be worrying constantly about carpet cleaning. With a woollen carpet for example, the Wool Board recommends cleaning each 12-18 months. Other fibres are similar.

We’re able to be flexible with our scheduling, usually we can work in with your timings. No cancellation fee. Quotations and comprehensive pre-cleaning advice are all free and without obligation. We accept internet banking, eftpos and cash payment. We don't charge percentage fees for credit cards.

We are a proud Christchurch-based company, 100% locally owned, that provides not just a good job, but a great job. We are committed sponsors of Heart Kids, the Child Cancer Foundation NZ and the Rescue Helicopter Trust.